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An Interview with Bright Light Bright Light

A few months back we invited Rod Thomas, who makes music as Bright Light Bright Light, by our office for a supremely stripped down session. Alone at the piano, our crew was stunned by Thomas’ performance. We haven’t encountered many voices like the one Thomas has. It’s powerful and nuanced, capable of triggering an emotional flutter in the heart as well as rattling the office walls.

But Thomas was also one of the most interesting musicians we sat down with last year. He talked at length on the cinematic influences that inspired songs like “Symmetry of Two Hearts” and “Running Back To You”, from his new album Choreography. We also got a taste of Thomas’ creative process. While he enjoys house music and using technology, Thomas told us there’s “a song at the heart of everything.” Adding, “If I can’t play song just on the piano, I scrap it.”

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