Voter List

2015-02-15 4 594 Vimeo

A reclusive landlady is visited by a pesky government official. Title: Voter List Short-film | Dark Comedy | Drama | Mystery Studio: Paperclei ( Produced by: August Rock Direction, Cinematography, Editing & Music Composition: Fahim Kader Executive Producer: Rahul Md. Alindib Akber Story by: Rahul Md. Alindib Akber & Fahim Kader Cast: Shamim Sufian, Nazia Farnaz Sriya, Md. Suzon, and Fahmi The seed was sowed during a visit with (fellow filmmaker and genius) Rahul Akber to my family home in Mirpur. Cast on extremely short notice, the actors - Shamim, Sriya and Suzon - didn't just show up, they made the project their own, and drove it with utmost dedication. Shamim, Sriya, and (Production Manager) Mansur were my all the motivation we needed to keep going. And going we did - as a team - for 12 hours straight. The film wouldn't have been possible without the generous contributions of many: my family in Mirpur, namely Pial, Lovely, Pavel, Timu & Mou, who've always been selfless, and full of love and support; Tashrif, he lent me his tripod; Efa, she reviewed every idea we came up with, every draft I wrote; and my beloved wife, Nabila, who happily pulled me up every time I was down, despite the sleepness nights, and the countless hours she had to wait for me to be free. Dubbing was a piece of cake thanks to a tech genius named Nipon who works at Islamc Television. Shafin (Executive Director of Islamic TV) all but handed me over the keys to the station's recording studio, and Nipon, the Broadcast Operation & Engineering In-Charge, took control of the recording, and absolutely rocked the show. Fahmi, my awesome nephew, younger brother of Mansur (Production Manager), was undoubtedly the busiest actor on set, finding time between playtime and playtime to grace us with his presence. Finally, a nod to the great, late Satyajit Ray. Although Voter List is an original story, the references to Mr. Ray's work were made with sincere intention, due respect, and complete acknowledgement.