Lizna & Farhan - Pakistani Wedding in Montreal by Marrone

2010-05-30 145 0 Vimeo

Lizna & Farhan - May 27, 28 & 29, 2010 A Pakistani wedding with a blend of contemporary and traditional ceremonies, rituals, and colors. Lizna & Farhan’s wedding took place over 3 days, ending May 29, 2010. With their natural beauty, colorful attire, and lavish locations, the stage was set for a very unique wedding film. From the first day as they welcomed us into their home we really became immersed in their culture; by the end we felt like we were a part of their family. That being said it was a very challenging wedding for us to film, mainly because our goal for the 3 days was to produce an instant edit, combining the footage from 3 different cameras, and additional POV cameras. We had not until now produced an instant edit of this magnitude in such a short time frame (only 4 hours of editing time!!!). The video was screened to all the guests at 11:00pm and the response was phenomenal! This was the ultimate wow factor, especially because the instant edit even included the couple’s pre-reception ceremony and their entrance into the hall! One thing that made this instant edit come alive was the underlying lovestory that was shot in old montreal. We had alot of fun with Lizna & Farhan. They were so natural and gave us complete creative freedom; working together with them was a breeze. With the use of our new DSLR cameras, we found ourselves re-inventing the way we work and produce wedding films. Putting a video like this together wouldn’t be possible without a solid team, which we are grateful for. Filming weddings like Lizna & Farhan’s requires more than technical ability. The beauty of what we do lies in capturing the essence of a couples love and their spirit. That is our passion. Their Story: Lizna and Farhan met July 2005 at BJ’s Restaurant in Addison, Texas during a dinner with several mutual friends. But it wasn't until they met again on a cold November night in Toronto 2008, that they expressed their feelings for each other and fell in love. Filmed over 3 days in Montreal, edited on-site on the last evening reception and presented as you see it here. Mehndi & Pithi - Holiday Inn – Midtown Montreal Nikkah - Jamat Khana - Montreal Reception - Le Windsor Ballroom - Montreal Enjoy! Filmed by Riccardo Marrone Tanya Rembacz Anthony Sarracco Johnny Pisaturo Edited on location by Riccardo Marrone event management by Milestones Montreal (Tabish Bhimani) Marrone Video Productions