Alpha Bravo Charlie's by Leslie Peppers

2015-03-18 2 0 Vimeo

"Alpha Bravo Charlie's is the NATO phonetic alphabet in my trademark text. It was inspired by my friend who was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. He used it often. I learned it because I thought it secretly irritated him just a bit that I didn't know it." "I made this for people to learn it in a non-mundane way, plus I thought it was cool. It is paced to the children's ABC's melody slowed down. Be prepared to keep up when it gets to the words for l,m,n,o,p. And there is nothing wrong with your speakers, this is not a talkie.There is another version for the seeing impaired." "These are also useful during phone conversations, for example: telling someone your email address or the tracking number and order number that occasionally have letters in it." Leslie Peppers