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*****I want to Do My Art-***** Zoay By Ahmad Zoay.after discowning my recognized political refugee status in Germany I returned home hoping that i could paint and exhibit my work.Being un happy i split again to Marc Mediterranco where i wanted to practice my Art,In Venice I saw "I Fcnici" the exhibition about Phoenicians at Plazzo Grassi,Venzia,there i almost Cried out; this is all about me,about Indus,later i went on to Cervicctri,Pompeii,Erolano,Vesuvio,to Erruski Excavation,Dante dreams, I met a Historian who works on the Origin of Greeks and the ancient Latin,I search for comparative words in Hindko,Saraiki and Punjabi,Fascinating similarities-it must have traveled from Indus. 'I was Drawing mango faced females,Later I went to srilanka and discovered that in history,Anuradhapuram godess Patini was born out of a ripe Mango-(AMBA) the mango tree was brought to Lanka by Ashoka Putra Arhat Mahinda from Taxila.I was happy about that Indus dream;to identify myself with Indus lands discovering my roots in the Harappan Pantheon. It took me many years to know that all ancient Buddhist scriptures were written in Pali.That is hindko,the language of Seven Rivers"Pani" not the Abb not five,Ashoka was not an alien King. I do not want to be Happy,I want to be quiet.I want to do my ART-ZOAY-1997- — in Lahore, Pakistan. Music *copy rights*Dead Can Dance-Fair deal Use,