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Belitung Island in Indonesia Belitung is an Indonesian island east of Sumatra. Its main island's beaches, including Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang, are known for their rounded granite boulders, fine sand and calm waters. The island’s largest town, Tanjung Pandan, features Dutch colonial architecture and a colorful harbor. Pulau Lengkuas, one of many small offshore islands, has a 19th-century lighthouse and snorkeling among its coral reefs. Area: 4,833 km² Location: South East Asia Population: 271,868 (2014) Province: Bangka Belitung Islands Largest settlement: Tanjung Pandan Plan a trip Belitung travel guide TRAVEL AGENT: Sky Partner: Special Thanks to: Mr.Robert, Ms.Rose and the rest of Wonder Indonesia Ms.Margareth (Swirijaya Air) My co-agents: Wei BAo,Zoya,May, Arifin, Deric,Betty,Shamim,Yati,Hedy, Dr. Aria Our tour guides: Syerif, Lili Local Operator: Karmila Other photo credit to: proshutterproduction,Wei Bao Organized by: Supported by: Asita babel & Sriwijaya Please visit us: Gem vacation travel & tour 304 Orchard Road #02-10 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863