Fox Action Movies - Reel

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Our friends at FOX gave us the opportunity to develop the image of an action movies and entertainment channel. This was a great chance to show how much we love adrenaline! The branding consisted in various navigation pieces and brand animations and IDs in which action was magnified and taken to the limit. Hit the play button and hold on tight, ’cause to the rhythm of the Beasty Boys this channel will blow your mind! Directed by: Plenty Art Director: Pablo Alfieri Animation Director: Mariano Farias --- 3D Design: Andres Reisinger, Andres Rossi, Sebastian Curi & Mariano Farias 3D Animation: Hernan Estevez, Sebastian Curi, Leandro Giorni & Mariano Farias 3D Rendering & Lighting: Andres Reisinger, Sebastian Curi y Daniel Bel 3D Modeling: Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni & Andres Reisinger ID Storyboard & Animatic: Yesica Pogorzelsky Compositing & Postproduction: Matias Mastrogiano, Sebastian Curi & Pablo Alfieri Reel Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias Production: Inés Palmas Year: 2012 --- Client: Fox International Channels Project: Fox Action Movies – Hong Kong FIC Branding & Creative VP: Florencia Picco Art Director: Natalia Español