Movies Matter

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The magic of movie making isn’t always as easy as it seems. Each film is an intricate amalgamation of many parts that come together to form the bigger picture. Created for the Canadian Film Centre - Movies Matter, aims to showcase just how special a different perspective can be. By highlighting two hard hitting facts that the Canadian Film Industry was responsible for over the last year, I aim to show how important the Film Industry is to the Canadian Economy. Watch the Making of - View the entire Project - Credits : Director - Salman Sajun Art Director - Salman Sajun 3D Rendering - Omayr Nasir Messaging - Dalia Rashid Paper Props - Omayr Nasir, Cedric Laurenty, Marie-Josée Archambault, Josh Hansen Post Production - Cedric Laurenty, Salman Sajun Stop Motion Animators - Cedric Laurenty, Marie-Josée Archambault Sound Supervisor - Mattia Cellotto Sound Designer - Mayte Cabrera Cazorla Voiceover - Sean Depner Making Off Footage - Josh Hansen Equipment - Kessler Crane