Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo

2014-06-02 8 724 Vimeo

Documentation of the workshop we gave for Dutch Design at CCA – California College of the Arts Graduate Program in Design, April, 2014. Workshop organized by: Emily McVarish and Jon Sueda This program is funded, in part, by public funds from the Netherlands Consulate General in New York. The music of this video is composed by Volcano Pork in the same spirit – the beat is recorded using tape and a microphone. The Workshop is part of the series 'The growing pains of collaborative Type Design'. Letters are glued collectively according to rules: Instructions for each turn and player: - Connect your line to a line of another color: 
You may not connect it to your own colour. Start and end at a dot.
 Lines may not cross. - Place a dot.
 - Try to form the words Alpha Bravo Charlie etc.. - End when all tape is finished. With: Beth Abrahamson Mariam Amin Margherita Buzzi Tim Carpenter Juan Correa Agustin Plancarte Fexas Brooke Francesi Billy Jacks Wioletta Kaminska Carolyn Packer Matt Pearson Sarah Raj Ramune Rastonis Vida Riahi Jennifer Schnell Annette Shirinian Hamish Tennent Liam Woods Christopher Yamane He Zhang Amie Zukowski Megan Zurcher