There's Something Strange Happening With Selena Gomez

2018-12-31 16,718 1,128 1,269,171 YouTube

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Selena Gomez Has Returned To The Social Media Spotlight After Health Problems. Subscribe to our channel: In a world where a serious stigma about mental health exists, it’s honestly refreshing to hear someone like Selena Gomez being open about her struggles with anxiety and depression. But while everyone knows she’s a big believer in therapy, there are some things she’s definitely trying to keep hidden. Everyone knows Selena suffers from lupus, but does this fully explain her multiple stints in rehab? Many people wonder if the fact that her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, is now married to Hailey Baldwin may have something to do with her recent disappearance from the public eye. We’ll talk about everything from Selena’s relationship with her mother, to her health concerns. After the video, let us know what you think about the life of Selena Gomez, and if she’s really as sweet as she seems to be in public. Then, make sure to click subscribe for more videos from TheTalko. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: