पिता को अलविदा भी नहीं करने आए Shashi Kapoor र के बेटे! अब करते हैं ये काम

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पिता को अलविदा भी नहीं करने आए शशि कपूर के बेटे! अब करते हैं ये काम ABOUT THE VIDEO Shashi Kapoor, considered to be the most romantic hero of Hindi cinema, has made a different impression in Bollywood with his characters. But very few people know that Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer have two sons and a daughter. Both of his sons also tried to act in acting but they did not succeed as their other counterparts in the Kapoor dynasty. Karan Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor also worked in some Bollywood films. Tell us that after the death of wife Jennifer Cancer in 1984, Shashi Kapoor was quite alone and his health deteriorated. Shashi Kapoor's son Karan Kapoor had a Bollywood debut from 'Sultanat' (1986). Juhi Chawla had also debuted this movie. Karan had another action film, 'Iron'. This was a multi-starrer movie. There were also stars like Dharmendra and Shatrughan, but in spite of these two films, Karan could not be established in Bollywood. Later he changed his profession and started doing photography. In photography, he has won many international level awards. Now they live outside of India. Occasionally comes to India in a year. Karan is also known as Bombay Dyeing Man. He worked in his Ed for almost 20 years. According to reports, Karan went to UK in 1988 after Raj Kapoor's demise. Raj Kapoor himself wanted this. After that, he used to come to Mumbai every year to shoot Bombay Dyeing at least once in December. The Bombay Dyeing ed started in 1984 and its last commercial was shot in 1998. Karan Kapoor is now a famous photographer and is satisfied with his present. Not only that Karan Kapoor has won popular awards such as PDN Annual, American Photography, International Photography Award, Prix de la Photophia, Black and White Spiders Cup, Karan Kapoor's mother was Agglo Indian. They look like foreigners. Explain that Karan was out of India at the time of father Shashi Kapoor's demise. They are returning to Mumbai. LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL THANK YOU 3 minutes ago