In January the NGO -Ascende organized the II Festival in Ghana where all the Ghanaian capoeira students received their graduation belt.

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Capoeira Angola 2005

Capoeira Angola is the traditional style of Capoeira. It is usually, although not always, characterized by playful, ritualized games, which combine elements of ...

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Part 21: Hardest Capoeira in Africa: As Real as it Gets

Disclaimer: Note that this is the Afrikan version of Capoeira and not the "Brazilian" version) Abibifahodie Asako: Afrikan Combat Capoeira Featuring Aiyetoro ...

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Angola: birthplace of Capoeira

For most people, capoeira -- an art which mixes combat, dance and music -- is associated with Brazilian culture. But the origins of the discipline can actually be ...

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African Beasts Alseny and Sekou @ Huntington Beach W/ Strength Project

Want Sekou and Alsenys training plan?

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África Brasil, Mestre Espirrinho - Capoeira Music

Música de Capoeira "África Brasil" Mestre Espirrinho - Capoeira Music**************************************************PARA NÃO PERDER OS PRÓXIMOS VÍDEOSCL...

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Capoeira Sénégal - Projeto Na Africa 2010


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Brazil "teaches" capoeira to South African kids


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Meu Atabaque (part2 of 4)- making an african drum - capoeira

Meu Atabaque (part2 of 4)- making an african drum - capoeira...

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capoeira filhos da africa 20 anos omenagem ao mestre frank

capoeira filhos da africa 20 anos omenagem ao mestre frank...

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Batizado 2010 Capoeira Filhos Da Africa

Reportage couvrant les Baptêmes de Capoeira par le groupe Filhos da Africa dans le cher en 2010. Merci aux participants et au groupe GTouchVidéo....

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Capoeira Mei Lua

'Half-moon Capoeira' A short about a practicing Capoeira group in Pretoria, South Africa. Contact Chris at 072 276 8128 to join....

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Capoeira Angola Roda

To bring in the new year, a Capoeira Angola group in Los Angeles held a New Years Roda. Capoeira Angola is a martial art from Brazil that originated in Angola...

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Em abril de 2013, trinta capoeiristas se reúnem na terra do candomblé, o Benin, também berço da escravidão. Vindos do Brasil, da França e de vários país...

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~Selected video for 7th ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT~ Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art developed by slaves and former slaves brought from Africa, that combines...

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