Crackhead Backflip Off 40-foot Roof

Crackhead does a backflip off a 40-foot roof and says "I'm good.

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Crackhead falls off roof, lands on car and is declared invincible

crackhead falls off roof lands on trunk of car and gets up like nothing.

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Crack heads falling


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Crackhead does shmoney dance right before hitting crack wide open in public

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Duet For Crackheads

Musical duet rendition of an excerpt from my poem, "Crack Motel: The Crackheads Are Coming" sung by me and a sepia-toned friend....

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Crazy Crackheads

2009-01-30 07:26 7,922 Dailymotion

how first time crackheads behave


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The Crackheads Are Coming Song

A parody of a childhood song twisted to the street with lyrics from my poem "The Crackheads Are Coming" sung by a friend and lipsynced poorly by me....

2008-04-21 01:20 172 Dailymotion

Crackheads Couldn't Kill Themselves if They Tried

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RIME & 1xRUN PRESENTS: "WRAP SHEETS DETROIT FANTASTIC" In Detroit the streets be wild and only the most thug motherfuckers come out on top, falling on both si...

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