hindko khumar music zara udd baza.wmv

shakeel dholic wala,hindko music ,its a khumar music of hindko song zaraudd baza by shakeel.

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Hindko- Dance with hindko music


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hazara kumar dance hindko music chita chola

hazara kumar dance hazara music chita chola and chana ve tanol diya This video is made for Entertainment only, according to Hazara culture, it does not ...

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Hazara Hindko Traditional Kumbar Dance Abbottabad

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Hindko Music Kummar Dance || Yasir Meer

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Nice hindko music....beautiful Hazara...land of Tanolis and many others.

proud to be a Tanoli and Hazarawal....

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Hindko Song Aik Bar Dekho from Hindko Drama Jin Da Puttar

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ZOAY 0001

*****I want to Do My Art-***** Zoay By Ahmad Zoay.after discowning my recognized political refugee status in Germany I returned home hoping that i could paint a...

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