Two Students Killed In New Mexico School Shooting | NBC Nightly News

Two students were killed in a shooting at a high school in Aztec, New Mexico, according to authorities. The suspected gunman was also dead, but investigators are not yet saying how. » Subsc

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Police: 2 students shot, killed at high school in New Mexico

Cops confirm the shooter is also dead; no word yet if the suspect was a student at Aztec High School.

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How School Lockdown Helped Save Children’s Lives in California Shooting

More from Inside Edition: The California gunman who killed four people and wounded two schoolchildren earlier this week ha

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Another NEW ACTIVE School Shooting - "Shoot Me Not the School" says Bystander

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Shocking school shooting statistics

A gunman attempted to enter the Tehama Elementary School in Northern California but was thwarted because of the school's lockdown. Active shooter drills have been common practice since...

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1 Teen Killed, 1 Injured in Shooting Near Chicago School

Chicago police are investigating a double shooting that killed one teenager and wounded another in the city's Austin neighborhood....

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Three Dead After School Shooting in New Mexico

BREAKING: Three Dead After School Shooting in New Mexico Multiple sources confirmed the death of two students and a gunman at Aztec High School in New Mexico on...

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Officials give update after deadly N.M. school shooting

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez and Aztec Police Chief Mike Heal were among the officials that spoke at a press conference Thursday following a shooting at ...

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2 Killed In Shooting At Aztec High School

A recent shooting at a high school in New Mexico has left 2 people dead. Here are the details....

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Gunman, Two Students Dead After New Mexico High School Shooting

According to police and officials on Thursday, a suspected shooter opened fire at a high school in New Mexico, killing two students before being killed. The inc...

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